Guide to Hiring an Estate or Tag Sale Professional

Visit one of our Sales

Come and see how we operate. You’ll see our displays and staff in action, and appreciate the professional manner in which Artifacts Liquidators conduct our sales. You may have to wait in line as we limit the number of buyers in the house at one time to ensure an organized and profitable sale for our clients.

Our Commission

Artifacts Liquidators are trained antique appraisers and understand market value. This often results in greater profits for you even if our competitors quote a lower percentage! Choosing a company on commission alone may not result in the most profit either. Beware of hidden fees like advertising costs. Artifacts Liquidators’ commission is all inclusive requiring no outlay of money from you and no additional costs.

Interview in Person

We will meet with you on site to assess the contents of your home. This allows us to best determine the value of your items and the commission rate we’ll charge.

Let us look at ALL your items

Clients tell us all the time “You’re kidding, I thought that was junk!” This includes clothing, too. Let us look first and determine if items have value before you trash them. Clothing brings extra money at sales so sell it first, donate later.

Decide on items you wish to keep before we get there

We determine our commission rate based on what you have for sale. If you intend to keep items, please let us know up front.

We gladly provide References

We can provide you as many references as you would like. After 25 years of excellent service, we have a long list. Feel free to contact them and ask about our sales. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the responses and happily work with you on any issues.

We Provide Contracts

A written contract details the specifics of the sale. It will state the date of the sale, commission rate, when you will receive payment, etc. Make sure you will receive one.

Ask the Same Questions when comparing companies

Here are some things to ask

  • How many days to set up?
  • How many staff members will you be bringing to the sale?
  • How will you secure privacy to rooms I want off limits?
  • Are there fees besides your commission? (ARTIFACTS HAS NO EXTRA FEES)
  • Do you have proof of insurance? (ARTIFACTS IS INSURED AND INCORPORATED)
  • When will I be paid and how?
  • Do you have an appraiser on staff? (ARTIFACTS HAS EDUCATED APPRAISERS ON STAFF)
  • What is your field of expertise? Antiques, Art, Furniture, etc? (ARTIFACTS = ALL OF THESE)
  • Do you or your employees buy items? (ARTIFACTS NEVER BUYS YOUR ITEMS TO RESELL)
  • Do you pre-sell or allow people early entry? (ARTIFACTS DOES NOT ALLOW THIS)
  • How many days will the sale itself be?
  • Which dates you have available for the sale?